The Ultimate Photographer's Reading List

business mindset Nov 14, 2020

Who Do Photographers Fail In Business?

Most photographers fail to build their dream business for 1 of 3 reasons. This reading list will help you overcome 2 of those. No book or training or resource can change the first reason. You either have it or you don't. These books give you the tools and insights to work on reasons 2 and 3. I chose them because they made the biggest impact in my life and they cover a wide variety of skills that every successful business owner needs. They are also extremely actionable and written by people who have accomplished what they teach. It's not just theory and fluff.

The 1st reason photographers fail is from a lack of passion. You have to really want it. And when most hobbyists find out how much work must be done on the business and how little of it is actually photography, they decide it's not for them. And that is 100% ok. There is nothing wrong with loving photography and not wanting to run a business. You have to decide for yourself,...

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