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Membership Courses

Two new courses added every month. Courses include training workbooks and checklists.


Learn the ins and outs of off-camera flash for taking gorgeous photos.


Master the art of posing and learn how to make every single client look their best.


Learn how to attract clients who love your work and pay what you're worth.

Sales & Pricing

Learn how to price your work and sell it without being salesy.

An Effective Website

Your website is a powerful sales & marketing tool when done right.

Photo Gear

The right tools to get the job done, without breaking the bank


Create a style clients will recognize without seeing your name.


Learn a new way to think about art and business and improve faster.


Join a supportive global community of boudoir photographers.

 Bonus: When you sign up for an annual membership, you get full access to the complete lighting course "2-Light Setups For Stunning Portraits" ($499 value)


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Membership options and pricing

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


Hi! I'm Mike Lloyd. I've been professional photographer and educator for the last 10 years. You might know me from a previous life when I built a community called Photogs Unite!. I've taught 50+ live workshops and hosted a podcast with more than 60 top business professionals from all different industries. I'm also a 2x speaker at ShutterFest. 

My education experience goes beyond the world of photography. I built a wine education program for a restaurant group in 2005 and I led weekly wine classes for employees. Around that same time I cowrote the curriculum for the Wine Appreciation class at San Jose State University in 2007.

Most importantly, I genuinely care about your success. I love helping others, and I've spent years learning behavioral psychology to create better experiences for all of my students and clients. My passion is helping you achieve yours.

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Join the Guild Today!

Get instant access to the hub for all things boudoir.

Membership options and pricing